Free Spirit 1

Morris & Co │ Granada

6 Fabrics

Pomegranate motifs and ornate trellis reminiscent of the medieval textiles

Morris & Co │ Kelmscott

6 Fabrics

Inspired by Morris' home, hand-printed birds, flowers and nature. 

Morris & Co │ Merton

6 Fabrics

Scrolling flowers and foliage, originally printed at Morris' Merton House

Morris & Co │ Mineral

10 Fabrics

In the style of medieval fresco and fruit florals inspired from Morris' home

Morris & Co │ Orkney

7 Fabrics

Florals and Fruit with an embroidery theme inspired from Morris' Wallpaper

Morris & Co │ Standen

5 Fabrics

A pretty and subtle all-over leaf designs, and curious bunnies.

Morris & Co │ Wandle

4 Fabrics

Featuring four large and bold foliage prints that meander through the fabric