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Each year we work to make quilts for the following organisations and welcome any of our customers to join us in this effort. Just pop in for a chat about how you can help!
The Sheffield Christmas Dinner

The Sheffield community is hosting a dinner for care leavers. Can you help? 
Who are care leavers?      Care leavers are people who grew up in the care system e.g. foster care or children's homes.
Why host a Christmas Dinner for care leavers?        We don't want any care leaver to be alone at Christmas. We're  following the example of Lemn Sissay MBE who started this project in Manchester in 2013.
What will the Christmas Dinner be like?    Up to 50 young people will share a traditional Christmas dinner cooked by a professional chef at a great venue with presents and games.
Sounds great - how can I help?
We are in need of presents to gift to these young people ...   You could help greatly by buying a gift from our wish list (see below)

Quilts for Care Leavers (Q4CL)

Every year, in towns and cities around the country, community volunteers host Christmas dinner events on Christmas Day for young people who have recently left the care system. These young adults, aged 18-25 years old, would likely otherwise spend Christmas Day alone.
Knowing how much comfort and delight a quilt can give, a group of quilters formed in October last year to gift a quilt for each of the attendees at one of the dinner events.
In 3 short months, the group managed to collect 120 quilt providing 50 to the Manchester dinner, 50 to the Leeds dinner and 20 to a smaller event in Barnsley.
The quilts were so well received by the young diners we decided to continue and expand.
In 2019 we created over 1000 quilts to give to 20 dinners right across the country and we still need your help for 2020!
We are happy to accept quilts sized no smaller than 40” x 66” and no larger than 50” x 72”. Quilts will be required to reach us by mid November to ensure they can be sent on to the correct location.
We have a number of quilters donating their longarm quilting services - Patchwork Garden is one of them I'm proud to say! -  so we can provide some assistance with quilting if required. We also welcome orphaned blocks and fabric donations.
Please do check join our quilt makers group on Facebook -  “Quilts for Care Leavers Makers (Q4CL).