How often do you run 'Sewcial sessions, what does it cost and how do I book?
We run sessions twice daily Tuesday -Saturday. Times are 10.00-12.30  or 13.30-16.00 Tues-Fri, or on Saturday 11-13.30 or 14.00-16.30. Each 2.5 hour session costs £22 or £25 if you need the use of one of our sewing machines.
Spaces are limited per session so get in touch by phone or email and we will find you a space at a time that works for you.
Do I need to be a confident stitcher to join a 'Sewcial' session?
No, we will agree a plan that suits your needs and we work at whatever pace you are comfortable with - if you are a beginner we will start from scratch - some aspects will come easily, on others we will work harder to master them but either way there is no burden to keep up with the rest of the class! You will be in a mixed-ability group which means you can benefit from their experience too, sharing ideas and goals.
If you have never used a sewing machine before though, it can be beneficial to book an intensive hour long individual session to give yourself a head start. We try to do these outside shop opening hours so you have our undivided attention!  Get in touch to book a convenient time.
Do you offer individual sessions? 
Yes, we do. If you would like a more intensive session we like to schedule them outside normal shop opening hours so you have our undivided attention! If you have never used a sewing machine before or have just bought a new model that you are a little fearful of, it can give you a great head-start. Get in touch to discuss your goals and  book a convenient time.  Prices from £25 per hour.
Where can I park?
This is a busy area but you can usually find a space in the back streets behind the shop. There is some parking on Abbeydale Road between 9.30 and 4pm, however not directly outside the shop as we are on a corner by a set of traffic lights. 
If you have mobility issues and would need to park closer to us we can make the forecourt in front of the shop available if we know you are coming. 
Can I access your shop if I have mobility issues?
We are committed to making our products and services accessible to everyone. Our premises at 771 Abbeydale Road is fully accessible with no steps at the front door or internally to navigate. If there are any corners inside that you find difficult to explore or if shelves are too high we will do our best to assist.
Sewing and crafting, beyond being a great pastime, can be a great comfort and we aim to help as many people access this as would like to. If you are finding it hard to use a particular tool, we can try and find you an alternative that suits you better... talk to us about the hurdles and we'll try and help you get round them if not over!
Do you make Memory quilts or cushions?
We have made these for many customers and have examples in store to give you an idea of how your unique item might turn out. In order for us to give you an accurate quotation it is ideal if we can see the garments you would like us to use. Drop them in to us, we'll guide you through a few decisions and then let you know how much the work will be. 
We realise you are entrusting us with your treasured memories and take the utmost care as we transform them into a lasting, usable item. We are experienced in the challenges these garments can provide and take pride in making pieces that will stand the test of time and become an heirloom.
I have a quilt top I'd like you to longarm quilt - what do I do next?
Firstly, use this handy checklist:
  • Press well and trim all loose threads.
  • Ensure top has square corners and no wavy borders. Backing should also be squared.
  • Do NOT baste your quilt - we need three separate layers!
  • Ideally, backing and wadding needs to be approx. 8" wider and 8" longer than the top.
  • Trim any selvedges and press seams open on backing joins.
  • If your top has seams around the outer edge you should stitch 1/8" in to prevent them coming undone during the quilting process.
  • If your quilt is directional, pin a note to the top edge to indicate.


Then get in touch and drop it in to us at the shop. We'll work with you on pattern and thread choices and give you a quotation. Once the work is complete we'll let you know and arrange collection.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for us to complete work. If you have a more urgent deadline, let us know and we'll see what we can do!